It’s Time to Pursue That Dream Job!

I’m in celebration mode. My coach, Kary Oberbrunner, the one who has pushed me and many others to do it afraid and pursue their dreams has published another book. THIS book gives practical steps for what he’s been teaching me over the past couple of years. I’m excited for him about the release of his book, “Day Job to Dream Job“…and I’m excited for you! Now, YOU have access through this book to the tools you’ll need to pursue YOUR dreams.

Taking the chance to pursDay-Job-to-Dream-Job-3D2-300x2811ue lifelong dreams can be overwhelming. There are plenty of “what ifs?” at every turn. As I’ve discovered my purpose through the Deeper Path, and gained confidence through the “Your Secret Name Journey,” I’ve been able to step forward with excitement to “do it afraid.” Mondays are exciting to me because they represent a brand new week with new opportunities. Kary’s wisdom imparted through group coaching has provided many of the tools I’ve needed to go boldly forward toward fulfilling my life purpose.

How does that relate to his new book, “Day Job to Dream Job”? This book lays out the steps needed to plan your escape from the mundane to a purpose filled life. This book is the roadmap that Kary designed as our team traveled with him on his journey toward completion of this book. I would have LOVED to have the book in my hands 2 years ago! I’m a bottom line person who prefers to read the text than watch video blogs because I tend to read at a faster pace. Don’t misunderstand, our coaching sessions with Kary have been amazing and incredibly helpful and challenging…and I think, exactly what I needed at the time. The accountability of the group gave the courage and push to keep moving forward. (I highly recommend taking the opportunity should it come to you!) But the release of this book has provided an opportunity to drastically reduce the learning curve. Kary shares the tools that he’s uncovered along the way, so that the reader doesn’t have to search blindly for them.

He’s always been good about sharing what he’s learned with his team. Why? Because he’s passionate to see people become souls on fire who pursue their passion. So am I, that’s why I share this with you. When you live your purpose, we all benefit. If you haven’t begun your journey toward your dream job fulfilling your life’s purpose, then I recommend this book as the first step.

I can’t wait to see what happens as you Take On Life!

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2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Pursue That Dream Job!

    • Thanks, Kary! It’s been a tremendous blessing to be part of the team. There’s nothing as exciting or fulfilling as living purposely as a soul on fire. I’m so thankful for all that you’ve taught us. May the fires you ignite only grow and expand.