Too Busy?

I was in a discussion the other day about how “busy” we all are. We both agreed that this is something we hear often from our friends and acquaintances. “We’re SOOO busy!”  But what are we busy doing?

I’ve asked myself the same question. As my days disappear into late nights and I look around for progress, but find none, I wonder. Where has my day gone? What have I actually done that’s worth doing? Perhaps you ask yourself the same things. Perhaps the intensity of our questioning ourselves is directly related to our age and how many dreams and plans we are pursuing.  I’m just pondering here, and am afraid I cannot give you a simple 3 step process for more effective and fulfilling days. However, as I evaluate my own life, a few things do come to mind.

I share them with you, because I realize that I’m not so unique that my experience is different than anyone else. To some degree, we all struggle with the same things. Oh, the circumstances might look different, but the bottom line is the same: Am I doing it right? Does what I’m doing matter?

For me, the biggest safeguard of my heart, mind, emotions, and yes, even my schedule, is my time alone with God. The more often I give Him the first part of my morning, the more often I’m clear minded the rest of the day. Hmmmm….it seems like there’s a scripture about that somewhere….Matthew 6:33 among others.  We’ve all heard the anecdote that days go better when we put God first. It’s not like magic or a talisman or something. It’s extremely practical. God helps us to see what needs to be done. He frees us from the things that hold us back. He orders our thoughts and steps. He reassures us of His love for us by giving us courage to face whatever the day holds.

Forgive me for thinking in writing here, but are we REALLY that busy? I ask myself that often. Yes, I can make a big list of all that I’m doing. Yes, I have the same 24 hour days that everyone else has. So, why so busy? Is there time used ineffectively? You are reading this, which means you are currently on the internet. Social media specifically can be good or bad…it either is an appropriate use of time, or a waste of time. I rank myself among those who find time quickly disappearing for a supposed “just 5 minutes” on social media. Who else can relate to losing 30 minutes of time scrolling the newsfeed when you only planned on a few moments?

If I’m to follow my life theme for this year of “Faithfully Deeper Still” with God, then I need to consider whether my busyness is achieving that goal. Perhaps that’s the bottom line for all of us.  Does it help us get closer to God and closer to His purpose for our lives?

As I said, I don’t have “3 Easy Steps to a Less Busy Life.”  I merely have some suggestions from my own life.

 -Give God the first part of your day to gain direction, clarity, peace, strength, and courage.

-Schedule the really important stuff early in the day BEFORE engaging in things that tend to waste time.

-Frequently re-evaluate your activities based on God’s purpose for your life. If it doesn’t help, consider dropping it.

There it is. Let’s get busy doing what matters, and less busy with the things that don’t!


Take On Life!



By the way, if you aren’t sure what your life purpose is, contact me. Together we can find the clues that will point you in the right direction. After all, that is part of MY life purpose!


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