From Fear and Inferiority to Wallflower World Changer

1Brielle Wayfinder was a young lady full of potential, but also full of Fear and Inferiority. She wanted desperately to make a difference in the world, but she just couldn’t see herself measuring up to the famous world changers that she knew.

“How can I make a difference?” she would wonder.

Her heart would grow heavy because she felt that she was often overlooked and didn’t think the message within her heart would ever get out. Why would anyone listen to her when other well-known people were speaking too?  She often gave in to Inferiority, Depression, and Resignation that constantly berated her with thoughts that she was just dreaming and that she’d never amount to anything.  Brielle often put on a brave face, never letting others know the Pain simmering under the surface. In the quiet, she often gave into Pain, and allowed the tears to flow.

Brielle sought to be a good friend. She would listen as her friends poured out their own hearts, and often would speak words of encouragement to help them overcome their struggles. She felt some sense of Self Worth on these occasions, but at times, Accusation and Despair would show up and taunt her with thoughts of why didn’t SHE have friends like her who could encourage HER and be there for HER?

Brielle put up with this for a while before she became agitated. She began to realize that the Peace she once had was eluding her.  What was once a life of Hope was becoming Dark and Depressing. Even though she was physically alone, she realized that somehow Depression, Rejection, Hopelessness, and Despair had become her constant companions.  How did they sneak into her life?

The feelings of agitation increased as she began to question where her sense of purpose had gone. She thought back over recent months in effort to figure out when things had changed.  There was no sudden change. There wasn’t a single event she could point to, but a series of events. A rejection here, and overlook there, not being invited, not being thought of, not, not, not….whine, whine, whine. There it was!  Brielle realized how she had opened the door to such an onslaught.  She wanted to deny it, but there was no point. She knew the truth, and the only way to be free was to EMBRACE the truth.

Self Pity…


“Why can’t I have friends like that?”

“Why am I overlooked?”

“Why won’t people listen to me?”

As Brielle honestly thought about it, the truth began to sink in….What began as a desire to help others and make a difference had turned into a focus on SELF! She was appalled!  How could she possibly touch lives if she only thought of herself? WHY would anyone WANT to listen to someone wrapped up in self?  She embraced the truth and began to take control of those things that sought to control her life…beginning with Self Pity!

The Warrior rose up with Brielle and she uncovered a strength that she didn’t realize she had. She kicked out the negative thoughts, and rejected those negative interlopers who had come to convince her she was little more than a victim. As a Warrior, Brielle began to see her positive influence in multiple areas around her life. She couldn’t see it before because it wasn’t obvious and it wasn’t loud. Brielle Wayfinder had a subtle influence as a Wallflower Warrior. She made a difference to many, though they might not ever see her hand involved. With her sight unclouded by Self Pity, she was able to see where her faithfulness had touched lives for the better. With renewed vision, Brielle would choose to be faithful to use her gifts to touch others..regardless of anything in return. She realized that she didn’t have to be famous or loud to make a difference. She could be a Wallflower Warrior.  If she didn’t have an encourager to pour into her as she poured into others, then she chose to BE the ONE that she longed to have in her own life.

She became a Wallflower World Changer.



© 2016 Deborah Wittig


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