The Journey to Keep It Real


Its so easy to give advice without giving anything away personally. The little snippets that we put on social media can be carefully measured to not reveal any more of ourselves that we care to put out there. In a way, that’s good. Honestly, there are some things that just don’t need to be posted on social media.  All of our rants and emotional meltdowns really aren’t helpful to anyone.  As someone who used to hire employees, I can tell you that posts like that hurt peoples’ chances for a job.

I’m convinced that the opposite is true, too. Some of us out there, coaches and trainers especially, want so much to post only positive and edifying content, that at times we forget to reveal some of our own struggles. I’m definitely guilty of this. It’s not that we’re hiding anything, we’re just trying to focus on being helpful.  We understand that complaining and venting on social media is typically damaging. Our hearts are in the right place, I believe.

I read from and listen to some of those motivational coaches myself. I’ve learned much and have been personally challenged.  I’ve also been challenged in a different way. What do I have to offer that is any different? I see no need to duplicate what someone else has already done a fabulous job at. So, what is the distinction that I bring to this area?  These thoughts are the beginning of my Keeping It Real journey.

I’ve decided to look at the human side of all of those great motivational quotes, and in the process maintain the motivational aspect. That’s a big challenge.

So, I’ll start with keeping it real about being a coach…or known as a coach. When we put it out there, people suddenly have certain expectations. You know…when you have a doctor or nurse in the family, you expect them to have all the answers? Yeah, its like that!  We seek to live by the motivational words we share, but I especially have also lived by the mantra, “Never let them see you sweat!” That actually comes easy to someone like me who has been blessed with the ability to never give away what I’m really thinking. I’d be an excellent bluff at the game of Poker… if I played it.

Here’s the reality…Here’s Deborah Wittig’s definition of what it means to be a coach: As a coach, I’m a human being with all of the same struggles as everyone else, but I’ve chosen to share what I’ve learned about those struggles so that others can find the courage to do the same.

Keeping it real…I’m not without battles that I face…even now…I just don’t mind sharing any hard won short cuts with you.

Keeping it real…we don’t always win the battles right away…or possibly not at all.  I’ve battled my weight for most of my life. Now as an NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a Behavioral Management Specialization, I know the right and safe ways to do things, and I follow them to the best of my ability. For whatever reason, my body has not cooperated with the process, nor has it given up its secrets to my physician. I understand the battle, and have great compassion for those working through it themselves. Sometimes, coaching is simply walking side by side with someone facing the same struggle. The positive side of that is knowing we’re not alone!

Keeping it real….I now no longer introduce myself as a coach. Now why would I do that? Because people that aren’t ready to grow in certain areas of their lives tend to run away from coaches and trainers…as if somehow we’ll force them to face their issues.  I hate intimidating people, and that’s what happens when I mention it. Frankly, I’m intense enough without adding a title to it!  I’ve discovered that following my dream to help others live their purpose while living my own is far more effective if I simply do them as a normal part of my life. No self-promotion, no scary titles. Just a friend who cares…cares enough to tell the truth when you are ready, but allowing you to be who you are at that moment. We all need friends like that!  Need a friend?

This is just the first of a series of blog posts that I plan to write on the subject of keeping it real. I want you to know the human side, the reality, of the motivational quotes. I want you to know that you aren’t alone in your battles, that NONE of us is perfect.  I want you to know that whether you are trudging through a dark valley, or struggling to climb a difficult mountain that you aren’t the only one there. I want you to know that I can speak to these things because I’ve been there myself. I’ve seen, heard, tasted, cried, and even had complete meltdowns at times.

I get it.

Just keeping it real.


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