Starting Over

What a busy season it has been!  I’ve enjoyed most of it, but I’ve definitely missed the writing.  I feels like ages since I’ve logged into my WordPress site. I’ve missed it, and I’ve missed sending you, my readers, longer messages than just my memes. So, here I am. I’m back!

It’s a funny thing about getting so busy that we can’t get to some of the things we love to do…we tend to lose our place and forget how to do some of those things.

“Where is my password?”

“I’ve forgotten how to find the share link”

“What’s a blog?”

Perhaps getting off track isn’t all bad. Having a chance to start over…especially if it REALLY feels like starting over from ground zero, gives us the chance to make a few changes. We can refocus on what matters. We can change some things that we didn’t have the courage to change before. We can reinvent ourselves.

Reinvent….now that’s a fun term! Is that anything like reinventing the wheel?  Just a thought!

Sometimes starting over is just like this blog post…it’s rambling. It’s starting and stopping while we attempt to remember where we were when we left off…however long ago that was.  Starting again after a break is hard. It’s hard because we’ve already filled the time needed with other things. It’s hard because we have to reel in our thoughts and habits to intentionally return to the place that we need to be. In short, the secret to starting over is this:

Get started!

As you begin again, your schedule will begin to flow around it. Just as activities filled in the void, they can also be moved out of the way. You see, just starting this blog today has opened up the flow of writing just as before. I’m amazed how the wisdom seems to be readily flowing through my fingertips to my keyboard. (FYI…the wisdom isn’t mine, it comes from my Creator Who has filled me with this grace.)

Be intentional!

I’m sorry to say that getting back into good habits doesn’t come by default…it comes by CHOICE! Yes, there were other things I could do…even good things. But this requires that I simply make it happen and not leave it to chance that I MIGHT find time later.

Reset Priorities!

Ask yourself, are the things that filled in the void worthy of occupying that spot? If so, is there anything else that can be moved that isn’t so important?  What ARE your priorities? Are they written down? Written reminders really help when establishing or RE-establishing habits.

That’s it! No ten steps, hour long motivational video, or e-book. Just a simple encouragement to get started. Remember the old proverb that

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Whether it’s your left foot, or right, just take that step forward!


Take On Life!


© 2016 Deborah Wittig


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