Staying Resolved


So, you’ve made that New Year’s resolution. You’ve started out great, and THEN…

                You go back to work…

                Kids are back in school….

                And stress is back at full strength…

Now what? This is about the time that the majority of people give up.  The resolution is harder than you expect. The results are not the miraculous progress that was hoped for. People aren’t as supportive as you’d like. You lack the accountability you’d like. So, you think about quitting. But before you do that, before you throw away a great head start on a wonderful idea, give me a few minutes and keep reading.

BEFORE you quit, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. WHY did you want to make this resolution?
  2. What did you hope would happen if you were successful?
  3. How will things look in 3 months, 6 months, and even 1 year from now if you keep going?
  4. What will you lose if you quit now?
  5. Was the time and effort already spent truly wasted?
  6. What are the reasons you have for quitting?
  7. Are they truly reasons (things outside your control) or just excuses (things that you can do something about)?
  8. What would need to happen in order help you keep this resolution?
  9. Is there something you can do, or someone you can turn to for help with #8?
  10. When you planned this, you knew it would be a challenge. How did you talk yourself into making your resolution? Does that same argument encourage you now?
  11. If you are still thinking of quitting, is it an emotional decision, or well thought out?
  12. Who’s lives will be impacted if you succeed? How so?
  13. Have you really given it 100%?
  14. Have you not only prayed ABOUT this goal, but prayed for grace to fulfill it?

I’ve been working through a similar set of questions in order to settle my heart and mind on a challenge that I’ve failed several times. The difference this year is that I no longer see this as a temporal goal to check off at the end of the year. I’m seeking life change, therefore, I must be willing to work for it throughout my life for that change.  Questions like this have a way of melting away the excuses, don’t they? They help me, so I share with you!

Is THIS the year that you finally accomplish that goal?  If so, it begins with telling yourself each morning:

TODAY is that day that I ____________.

THIS is the year that I finally __________________.

Develop a plan. Write your goals. Write your why. Write your answers to above questions. When that tough day comes, just read over them. These tools can help you succeed.

I believe in you! I believe that THIS can be a breakthrough year for you.  Let’s DO this!

Warrior Up and Take On Life!


© 2017 Deborah Wittig

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