Wallflower Warrior (Friendswood: Take On Life, LLC, 2015)

My newest adventure in writing comes in the form of motivational fiction with some unique twists.  Why write another nonfiction self-help book when I can create a relatable character and allow my readers to be encouraged and learn through her life?  I’m happy to introduce you to the Wallflower Warrior, Brielle Wayfinder:

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.” Brielle Wayfinder heard those words almost daily. Can a Wallflower like her ever find her place in the world? As Brielle tries to find her voice-a voice that others can hear, strange things begin to happen around her. Is there more going on than can be seen? Could there be other forces that conspire either for or against her? What if power and influence aren’t always obvious, and mighty warriors can remain unnoticed? Can this Wallflower discover the Warrior within her?

“I have personally read this book and if you love a quick read that will intrigue you while walking away with more than one amazing lesson to take away from the pages. Pick up the book, go to amazon find Deborah and you will not be disappointed!! Love this book!!!” ~R.A.

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