When our dreams and goals seem overwhelming, we often wish someone could help plot the path to success.  Sometimes we fight thoughts that we aren’t good enough, educated enough, rich enough, ______enough to pursue the dreams in our heart. Helping you realize your own potential, and then discover the first steps to pursue your dreams is just one of many roles of a coach.  I offer a number of products with a variety of subjects to empower you to Take On Life, conquer obstacles, waken the warrior within to become all that you are destined to be…and change the world around you.

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Here’s a quick summary of resources that are offered. Click each link for more information:

Empowering and Motivational Books:


Wallflower Warrior



Healing Happens


Inspiring Faith Based Audios (CDs and MP3 Downloads)

Epic Declarations podcast cover


Epic Declarations




Jewels of Peace 2



In Depth Coaching Series (CD sets and MP3 Downloads)


Time to Dust Off Old Dreams



Take On Life Coaching


I offer numerous types of coaching including The Deeper Path, Solutions Based Individualized Coaching, as well as subject specific coaching: Wakening the Warrior Within, Dusting Off Old Dreams, and Creating a Drama Free Zone.

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FREE Resources:

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Coaching Articles





Wakening the Warrior Within Podcasts


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