The Journey to Keep It Real

  Its so easy to give advice without giving anything away personally. The little snippets that we put on social media can be carefully measured to not reveal any more of ourselves that we care to put out there. In a way, that’s good. Honestly, there are some things that just don’t need to be […]

Ooops! How I Learned to Laugh at My Mistakes

A friend of mine likes to say, “Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused.” At first, it sounds like a just a funny statement, but for Warriors like me who have a tendency to be overly serious, that quote packs wisdom!

Survival in the Storms of Life

Difficult seasons in life come and go…. It is in times like this that the warrior within awakens and is revealed… We do not get to choose whether we’ll go through storms in life, but we DO get to choose what we will do in the midst of the storm. I encourage you to take on the mantel of a warrior as you ride out your storms….

Another Reason To Conquer Your Obstacles

That which threatens to destroy us can become our strength once we’ve conquered it. Once we’ve learned how to conquer difficulties, we can use our experience to help others who struggle with similar circumstances. It isn’t just for you that you must overcome the obstacles in your path, but for those you have influence with […]