Sweet Melody or Obnoxious Noise?

Love is supreme. God’s love trumps all. We can do all kinds of miraculous things, prophesy about everything, and do “good” works. If we aren’t motivated by love, then according to my interpretation of this scripture, we are just obnoxious. We’re so used to seeing these showy ministries that I think we have some idea […]

The Journey to Keep It Real

  Its so easy to give advice without giving anything away personally. The little snippets that we put on social media can be carefully measured to not reveal any more of ourselves that we care to put out there. In a way, that’s good. Honestly, there are some things that just don’t need to be […]

How to Defeat that THING That Has Been Defeating Us

If you are a goal oriented, recovering perfectionist like me, then a setback would be viewed critically and a review of the goals would serve as a reminder of failure. That’s not good. I think this may be one reason why so many give up on their goals.

What about a different approach?