Daring to Dream Again

The anticipation is sublime. The wonder of a lost dream resurrected overwhelms the emotions. A lifelong aspiration is only hours from fulfillment. Hope had laid desolate on a dusty shelf for too long following an injurious mishap. Years were spent grieving ambition lost, until one day hope dawned again. Possibilities arose along with renewed purpose. […]

New Year’s Resolutions?? Bah Humbug! Or Is It?

New Year’s Resolutions…  …useless?? …misunderstood?? …overrated?? …all of the above?? I think we’ve all made New Year’s resolutions at some point for things like getting into shape… weight loss… smoking cessation… finishing school….completing projects. And we’ve all likely had occasions to fail at those things within a month or two. That’s why we have a […]